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Era Group Inc. (NYSE: ERA)

Era Group Inc. (Era Group) is one of the largest helicopter operators in the world and the longest serving helicopter transport operator in the U.S. In addition to servicing its U.S. customers, Era Group also provides helicopters and related services to third-party helicopter operators and customers in other countries, including Brazil, India, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Era Group's helicopters are primarily used to transport personnel to, from and between offshore installations, drilling rigs and platforms.

Company Information

Era Group Inc.
CityCentre Two
818 Town & Country Blvd
Suite 200
Houston, TX 77024

Executive Officers

Christopher S. Bradshaw
President and Chief Executive Officer

Andrew L. Puhala 
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Shefali A. Shah
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Stuart Stavley
Senior Vice President, Operations and Fleet Management

Paul White
Senior Vice President, Commercial

Benjamin J. Slusarchuk
Vice President, Corporate Development and Finance

Cory Theriot
Vice President, Safety & Quality Assurance

Jennifer Whalen
Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Mike May
Chief Technology Officer

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Era Group Inc.
CityCentre Two
818 Town & Country Blvd
Suite 200
Houston, TX 77024

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